Jim Jernigan's Studio                                                                  

John Jernigan and Sheila Hartley                                                    Our story is a lifelong love of art.

As a child John was raised in a loving family surrounded by the arts. He would often be found drawing and coloring with left over prisma color pencils and supply's from his fathers photography studio and art supply store. It was only a natural progression to photography. John found himself at a very early age receiving accolades and national awards for his imagery, earning  himself a masters degree of photography (PPA) and speaking at regional and national levels. Being surrounded by the arts and his fathers photography he has developed a unique understanding of how lighting and capturing personality are combined with composition, creating masterful portraits for the home.

Inspired after visiting Oklahoma City Museum of Art. Sheila discovered her love and talent for the arts in the 6th grade. That visit was a turnning  point in her life. She understood the power, connection and feeling art could have on one self and impact others. In high school Sheila competed winning honors in scholastic arts competitions. It was the connection and love of arts that brought her to photography. Sheila's connection with people puts her subjects a ease and her classic training produces portraits that are cherished works of art.  

Jim Jernigan's Studio was founded by Jim and Betty Jernigan in 1947.  Jim Jernigan was instrumental to the arts in Ocala. He served on the first executive board of directors to the Appleton Museum through its construction and until its day to day operation was handed over to  College of Central Florida / FSU.  The tradition and standards set by Mr. Jernigan continues today at Jim Jernigan's Studio. The studio is the most awarded producers of fine art portraits in Marion county creating a full range of portrait styling from family, children, newborn, senior, boudoir, and head shots / business portraits. 

John Jernigan, Master Photographer

Florida Degree of Photographic Excellence

2017 FPP Top 10 Photographers

2016 FPP Top 10 Photographers

2015 Florida Professional Photographer of the Year

2013 FPP Top 10 Photographers

2013 Best in Show Commercial Advertising Photography

2013 Award of Distinction Environmental Portrait

2012 Florida Professional Photographer Top 10 photographers

2012 FPP Best in show Environmental Portrait and Photojournalism 2011 Florida Mag. Assoc. Charlie Award, Best Photo Essay

2009 Society of Professional Journalist Best Single Image

Kodak Award of Excellence

2- Fuji Master piece awards

PPA Epcot Exhibit

Sheila Hartley                                                               

2016 FPP 1st Place portrait of a group

2015 Award of Distinction Portrait of a woman

2015 Florida professional photographers Top Ten photographer

2014 Florida professional photographers Top Ten photographer

 2013 Highest scoring image at the FPP conference

2013 FPP 1 st place portriat of a man

2013 Florida professional photographers Top Ten photographer

2012 Award of Distinction Environmental Portrait

2012 Award of Distinction Portrait of a woman